Ocean&Climate Village x UNESCO

Ocean&Climate Village: a travelling, interactive and educational exhibition to reconnect people with the ocean and designed from a perspective of co-creation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing to reconnect people to the ocean.

Ocean&Climate Village is an innovative Ocean Literacy tool to promote a transformative change in the way society views and experiences the ocean. At the heart of this awareness-raising work there is the Generation Ocean (GenO) campaign of UNESCO. GenO aims at raising young generations and people from different societal sectors with a full awareness and scientific knowledge on the importance of the ocean. Only in that way, future leaders will have the ability to drive the change that the world needs.

The exhibition path is a journey divided in seven areas encompassing different oceanographic topics from climate to biodiversity and blue economy. The process of designing the exhibition involved different stakeholders collaborating in the phases of research, analysis, development considering the limits of having easy mobility, easy assemblage, space and accessibility as well as involving both physical and digital channels.

The design of the exhibition was made in collaboration with experts from IOC-UNESCO, The Playful Living, CiLab Politecnico of Milano, graphic designers and illustrators. 

The exhibition has already been exposed at Milano Triennale (2021), Venice Arsenale (2022), and Venice Boat Show (2022), Naples (2023).

Digital experience of the Ocean&Climate Village exhibition

Together with le physical exhibition, for the Ocean&Climate Village has been developed a digital interactive format. This digital journey has been designed to make the exhibition accessible in the long term, and engage people that cannot join it personally. Furthermore, the digital experience has extra audio and visual contents that can be enjoyed by visitors to accompany their physical visit.

Explore the digital exhibition at

Design drafts