Gorgonian Lamp


A light art that celebrates the beauty and fragility of gorgonians.

Gorgonian Lamp is not just a lamp, but a commitment to ocean conservation. This unique 3D design represents sea gorgonians, an endangered species due to climate change. Gorgonians are particularly vulnerable to rising water temperatures and acidification, which slowly causes their death.

Gorgonian Lamp is the fusion of design, science, technology and craftsmanship. This lamp not only illuminates, but educates on the crucial role of gorgonians in the marine ecosystem and the threats they face.

In addition to being an innovative light, the Gorgonian Lamp is also a functional object. It can be used as a jewellery stand, key ring or centrepiece, adding a touch of style and awareness to any environment.

Gorgonian Lamp is produced on demand, in limited numbers.
Order now and join our mission for marine awareness.

Discover the combination of art, design, science, engineering, technology and craftsmanship.

Project in collaboration with Riccardo Sponchiado