Feel the Change x UNESCO

An underwater and accessible sensory journey to communicate the effects of climate changes

We are used to seeing climate change from images on television or web videos, feeling them far from our reality.

"Feel The Change is an interactive installation that allows people to touch the effects of climate change in the marine ecosystems, to feel them more closely.

A tactile and acoustic sensory journey that compares some 3d reproductions of healthy marine species, as they naturally look, with the same ones damaged by rising water temperatures and acidification.

The touch of different marine organisms and the audio, guide the visitors making the experience accessible even to blind and visually impaired people.

Feel the Change is the result of collaboration between different fields: once again science, design and technology helped communicating to a wider audience on such important issues.

The installation was designed on the occasion of IOC-UNESCO's traveling exhibition Ocean&Climate Village and has been on exhibited at Castel dell'Ovo in Naples.

Feel the Change has been designed and developed in collaboration with Valentina Lovat, Associate Programme Specialist UNESCO Ocean.

Thanks also to IOC-UNESCO and Francesca Santoro for the opportunity, to the whole team for their support Gaia Maria Sole Intonti and Esteban Gottfried Burguett, and to the contribution of EuroCompositi, Andrea Spontoni and Makers Hub for contributing to the implementation.